Presenting Firebase to TriadJS

This past Thursday I had the opportunity to present to the TriadJS meetup group about rapid application development with Firebase.

I don’t do a ton of pure web development, but I like when I get to work on a project where I can explore a new tool, and this presentation allowed me to summarize the pros and cons that I found while working on the social media analysis dashboard that I’ve written about as a case study.

In the presentation I talked about how Firebase addressed my most common pain points in web application development:

  1. Building reliable and secure authentication.
  2. Configuring, maintaining, and securing a database.
  3. Finding and configuring hosting (with TLS and a CDN).
  4. Setting up a local development environment that will mimic real-life configuration.

Here’s a link to the video – enjoy, and please let me know if you have questions or comments!

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