Customer Flow Visualization

A well-known and well-respected customer service organization contacted us about adding a flow visualization to their client portal.

This was a perfect fit – we were able to turn around the project in less than a month, and they were able to impress clients with a clear visual outline of:

  • How many interactions begin with each phase of customer service (Phone, Web, and Mobile)?
  • How different are satisfaction scores by those groups?
  • When customers have to interact with service several times to get a resolution, how does it impact their satisfaction score?

Here’s a screenshot of the tool:


The live tool is completely interactive – hovering over paths shows detailed counts and summary stats, while nodes can be rearranged on the screen, and filters allow focusing on customers with specific satisfaction score ranges, journey durations, and number of actual touchpoints with customer service.

We were really happy with this, as was the client, and we were glad to wrap it up quickly enough to make an impact in their presentation.

Interested in something like this? Send us a quick message about the idea:

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