Private / Group Trainings

Know what you need? Contact us now to pick a date, and we’ll handle the rest!


How many people can you train?

There’s no hard limit, but groups bigger than 25 are usually better to break up into smaller groups to keep things personal, and ensure everyone remains engaged in the training.

But private lessons are fine too?

Yep, if you want to learn something one-on-one, we’re happy to help.

Do we have to be in the same location?

For private lessons, no – communication by screenshare / phone / email / chat is fine. For group lessons, we prefer to be there to interact with everyone, but we’re happy to travel to you.

And you do this any day of the week?

That’s right – weekdays, weekends, morning, afternoon, night. Tech training should be a convenience, not a hassle.

Do you have a full list of topics?

Here’s an attempt, but if you don’t see what you want, please ask!

  • R (general, specific to beginner-, intermediate-, or advanced-level users)
  • R (topic focus)
    • data visualization with ggplot2
    • data cleaning and manipulation with dplyr
    • speed improvements with data.table and Rcpp
  • Shiny
  • openCPU
  • GIS (focus on QGIS, ArcGIS if you prefer)
  • Google Maps
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • starting and managing cloud servers
    • data storage
    • load balancing / auto-scaling
  • statistics (general, basic statistics)
  • statistics (topic focus)
    • clustering / classification
    • regression
  • social media analysis
  • SAS (general)
  • SAS (topic focus)
    • macro language
  • Stata
  • Julia

Ready to put something on your calendar? We’ll get it moving.

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