Shiny Applications

Building a top-notch application for data analysis, management, or visualization? Contact us here, or keep reading to learn more about Shiny.

What is Shiny?

Shiny is a framework for rapid web application development using the fast-growing and widely-used R programming language, known for its strengths in data analysis and visualization.

How rapid are we talking?

It depends (of course), but generally even the most complex applications can be drafted in a matter of weeks, and ready for production after a few rounds of testing. In many cases the timeline can be even shorter.

Do you have examples?

A lot of our production work is confidential, for good reason. But we also host a gallery of public Shiny applications, so take a few minutes to look around if you’re interested.

Can I bring my own design/designers?

Absolutely! Some clients need to maintain a particular style and design. In that case, you provide template HTML and CSS files (or we can create one from an example page that you give us), and the application will match the rest of your site.

I still want to use R, but I’m not sure about Shiny. Is there an alternative?

Yes! Let’s talk about openCPU – you can build the user interface and back end however you normally would, and we’ll build an API around the R code. All you need to do is make HTTP requests and handle the responses.

Ready to get started? Tell us as much as you can, and we’ll get the conversation going:

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